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Maintenance Staff: Steve Lewis, Greg Newhouse, Bill Riffle, Don Richards, Jr., Pat Secret, Scott Riley, Raymond Cain, Duane Lewis



“Mission Statement”  Employees of the City of Clarksburg Board of Park Commissioners are dedicated and committed to serving the people of Clarksburg with the utmost respect, integrity and honesty in an effort to achieve the highest professional standards and accountability.  Furthermore, employees will strive to provide a higher quality of life through ethical and moral leadership, efficient and timely park and recreational services and facilities and a fiscally responsible government.

The Board of Park Commissioners shall be continued for the purpose of establishing, improving, developing and operating a Municipal park system and is particularly charged with the responsibility of providing public parks, playgrounds, athletic field, swimming pools and other recreational facilities, and of providing an adequate recreational program for the inhabitants of the City. The Board of Park Commissioners shall be a public corporate body with perpetual existence and a corporate seal. The Board shall have the power to purchase, hold, sell or convey real or personal property; to receive any gift, grant, donation and bequest or devise; sue or be sued; contract or be contracted with; and to do any and all things and acts which may be necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of this article.    (1969 Code §2-89)

The City of Clarksburg Board of Park Commissioners meet at 4:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month.  

City of Clarksburg Board of Park Commissioners:

John Angiulli, President

Kelley Davisson, Vice President

James Larry

James Williams

William Kehrer

"The Board of Park Commissioners is in charge of operating and maintaining the 20 parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers in and around the City of Clarksburg."

Kellie Lewis, Office Manager

Tessa Fazzini, Recreation Coordinator

Erica Drennen, Secretary,

Courtney Stemple, Office Assistant

John Cooper, Superintendent of Parks

"Clarksburg is a family-oriented city. Its parks and neighborhood playgrounds are kept in excellent condition and provide year-round enjoyment and recreation for Clarksburg residents."